The drone’s payload was tucked underneath, looking suspicious. Normally, delivery drones hold rectangular boxes covered in ads, but this one was shaped wrong, and there wasn’t even a logo. It was clearly sent by someone doing something they didn’t want to get caught doing.

The apartment building had 14 stories of bachelor suites, 12 to a floor. The drone could never hit all of them, but its programming was highly aggressive: it’s okay to destroy yourself if you get out, say, half the payload.

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The Worst Timeline

I sit on a bench, watching my kid running around a playground. He’s currently trying to go up the slide while other kids go down. I’m about to tell him to take his turn, when I hear that voice for the first time.

“Hey, don’t freak out.”

I freak out. The voice is frighteningly familiar.

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Music of the Spheres

“Corporal Gill! Where are we?” Sergeant Lee was not happy with me. I was the squad cartographer, and we were on an alien ship. It was my specialty to keep a map and interpret it. But the map I was making was just a mess of lines and curves. I had no idea where to go next or even what part of the ship we were in. It just looked like a maze.

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The Baby Has Awakened!

Lady Gel-Dan do’Rehan, Baroness of the Vintu, sauntered through the imperial court’s thousand-foot double-doors with five hundred armoured Panragine Knights at her back, including an empty suit for the departed Lord Gel-Dan di’Jobar, the husband she’d hated even as she’d loved him, wanted him as she’d used him for the machinations of her family, the House Kando’oril, thrice-spurned from ascension to the imperial seat.

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