Music of the Spheres

“Corporal Gill! Where are we?” Sergeant Lee was not happy with me. I was the squad cartographer, and we were on an alien ship. It was my specialty to keep a map and interpret it. But the map I was making was just a mess of lines and curves. I had no idea where to go next or even what part of the ship we were in. It just looked like a maze.

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The Baby Has Awakened!

Lady Gel-Dan do’Rehan, Baroness of the Vintu, sauntered through the imperial court’s thousand-foot double-doors with five hundred armoured Panragine Knights at her back, including an empty suit for the departed Lord Gel-Dan di’Jobar, the husband she’d hated even as she’d loved him, wanted him as she’d used him for the machinations of her family, the House Kando’oril, thrice-spurned from ascension to the imperial seat.

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The Invigilator

NB: This story is based entirely on the fact that “invigilator” is an extremely gnarly name for a very tame job. Enjoy.

The Invigilator sat facing a wall, eyes closed, watching every move in the pub behind her. In a place like that, there were plenty of eyes to look through, although the drunk ones made it harder. She had been on this particular case for two days, and there was a deadline. A certain valuable tome had been stolen from a certain Departmental office—she had not been told which office because the Faculty protect their own from outside scrutiny while viciously punishing incompetence internally—and her job was to retrieve it. The Faculty had made it known that missing the deadline would not be tolerated, so she was starting to be concerned. The intolerance of the Faculty could result in death.

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Welcome to my rough drafts…

Hello! This website contains snippets of short stories I’m working on. It contains only the first few paragraphs because nobody wants to publish a short story that’s already available for free on the internet. If you want to read the full stories, get in touch with me @orionkidder on Twitter.


He lead me down the alley with the promise of a kiss. Not the most romantic spot. My hands were shaking. I hoped he would assume it was excitement. It was raining. His hands were firm on the sides of my head. His lips were cold. Afterwards, he pulled back and smiled. I’d never actually seen a wolfish grin before, but this one was. It was predatory. That’s when he opened his mouth, dug his nails into my cheeks, and sunk his fangs into my neck.

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