Paradox Station

On the first day, I sat at my computer and started drawing up plans for a new space station. I worked calmly for four hours, took a one-hour lunch break, worked for another four hours, and finished.

On the second day, I woke up, ate a breakfast of yogourt and cereal, copied the plans from the previous day, and travelled back in time 24 hours. We two worked amiably for four hours, watched our favourite television program over lunch, and worked another four.

Then on the third day, I woke, ate, and travelled back 48 hours. We three worked. Then on the fifth. Then on the sixth. Then on the seventh. Then on the eighth. Then on the ninth…

5,762 days later, we completed the station. Then I, along with 5,760 of me, ceased to exist because the station was complete, and thus the work was unnecessary, which left me with a brand new space station to do with as I pleased.

It’s all quite simple.