Music of the Spheres

“Corporal Gill! Where are we?” Sergeant Lee was not happy with me. I was the squad cartographer, and we were on an alien ship. It was my specialty to keep a map and interpret it. But the map I was making was just a mess of lines and curves. I had no idea where to go next or even what part of the ship we were in. It just looked like a maze.

“It’s just another hallway, Sergeant. Just like the last one,” I said. “This one curves south instead of east.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Gill,” he barked.

“Affirmative, sir. It does not.” What else could I say?

“Another five minutes,” Lee ordered, “Then we back out of here.”

A murmur of “sir, yes sirs” ran through the squad. Most of us sounded relieved, although there were a couple of disappointed voices. Give a certain kind of man a rifle and he’s sad if he doesn’t get to shoot anything today.

We moved down the hall, weapons out, legs screaming with the effort of moving in a slow crouch for thirty-five minutes. That’s when we heard the music.

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